Healthcare Costs


Healthcare costs are a big worry amongst the elderly population. With
the cost rising, many won’t be able to afford to keep it or to even get it.
More than 75 percent of Medicare-eligible households spent close to $10,000 out
of pocket on health care. The costs don’t stop there with increasing,
and will continue to increase with the more elderly people who need it. Also, expenses
are varied based on the type of medication an elder needs. Some have rare
illnesses that require more tests and treatments require more money. Illnesses
like cancer and dementia cost the most money, because it is more common for the
aging population. Some elderly people don’t go to the doctors or seek treatment
because they just can’t afford it. If the cost keeps rising, then the death
toll will also rise, because less people will have treatment that could save
their lives. Health is very important thing to have. If you don’t have good health, everything else means nothing. You aren’t yourself when you don’t feel well. There are so many people who don’t have health care and are suffering to make payments.  With more and more elderly people living longer, the government needs to protect Medicare so that it will be around for generations to come.


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